Re-Buying Program

Myriad is constantly looking to source transport refrigeration spare parts across the whole range of Refrigerated Trailer/Truck makes and models, for both current and no longer manufactured fridges.

If you have stock of any spare parts you wish to dispose of, in the first instance please E-mail us with a list of the parts in question with as much detail as possible. Please send your list to and include your telephone number if you would like us to contact you by this means.

We will review the items you wish to sell and if we would like to purchase any or all of your items, we will make you an offer which could be either a straight purchase, or we could arrange an exchange agreement if there are any parts we stock which you may need from us. Whatever our decision we will respond to your E-mail.

We are able to collect any parts from you we have agreed to purchase. All we will need for you to do is package the items and add our address. We will then send a Courier in to collect the package.

So here’s an ideal opportunity to turn unwanted items into cash or into items you actually do need, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with your requirement!

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