CARRIER Replacement

Description Price Quantity
ALTERNATOR-MRD-30-01114-27 (20) ALTERNATOR 70AMP (MRD-30-01114-27) MPN0389 Please Login
ALTERNATOR-30-01114-34 (1) ALTERNATOR 105AMP (MRD-30-01114-34) MPN3701 Please Login
ALTERNATOR-MRD-30-01114-10 (17) ALTERNATOR 70AMP (MRD-30-01114-10) MPN0383 Please Login
ALTERNATOR-30-01114-36 (23) ALTERNATOR 105AMP (MRD-30-01114-36) NO PULLEY MPN3703 Please Login
ALTERNATOR-30-01114-06 (13) ALTERNATOR 65AMP (MRD-30-01114-06) MPN0385 Please Login
BRUSH-30-01114-56 (5) BRUSH REGULATOR (MRD-76-61471-00, MRD-30-01114-56) MPN1251 Please Login
REG-AND-BRUSH-30-60050-20 REG. AND BRUSH ASSY (MRD-30-60050-20) MPN0413 Please Login
BRUSHES-P00002 (1) REG W/BRUSHES 12V P00002, A500-020A, YY18E14 MPN1260 Please Login
REGULATOR-30-00409-44 (1) REGULATOR (MRD-30-00409-44) MPN0416 Please Login
ADAPTOR-22-60265-00 (1) VALEO / PRESTOLITE ADAPTOR (MRD-22-60265-00) MPN1091 Please Login
BOLT-48-60451-00 SHAFT TENSIONER/ AXL (MRD-48-60451-00) MPN0174 Please Login
IDLER-50-60469-00 (1) IDLER ASSY. (MRD-50-60469-00) MPN1159 Please Login

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