This is Myriad replacement parts designed to fit the following CARRIER® applications:

Carrier® 05G37 - STD COMPRESSOR

kit includes:
MPN0247 CRANKSHAFT KEY (MRD-17-40324-00) X1
MPN0250A SHAFT SEAL (MRD-17-57027-00) X1
MPN0255 GASKET SET (MRD-17-55020-20) X1
MPN0258 VALVE PLATE - SIDE (MRD-17-44104-00) X2
MPN0259 VALVE PLATE - TOP (MRD-17-44105-00) X1
MPN0267 COMPRESSION RING STD (MRD-17-40055-00) X12
MPN0268 CON-ROD (MRD-17-40056-02) X6
MPN0272 WASHER (MRD-17-44008-00) X1
MPN0274 BEARING SET (MRD-17-44015-00) 05G X1
MPN0277 WASHER (MRD-17-55009-01) X1
MPN0283 OIL PUMP, GEAR 05K / 05G / 06D (MRD-17-44137-00) X1
MPN0286 PISTON (MRD-17-44115-01) STD 41CFM X6
MPN1605 CRANKSHAFT 05G 37CFM (MRD-17-44074-00) X1

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