GASKET SET 05K4 - METAL (MRD-17-44707-00)

This is Myriad part designed to fit the following Carrier® applications:

CARRIER® 05K4 compressors - METAL SET

and refers to OEM part numbers:

Gaskets included:
17-44021-00 - Gasket, Sight Glass X1
17-10811-05 - Gasket, Suction Service Valve X1
17-21003-00 - Gasket, Discharge Service Valve X1
17-44022-00 - Gasket, Oil Pump Bearing Head X1
17-40104-07 - Gasket, Unloader Valve X1
17-44123-00 - Gasket, Center Cylinder Head X2
17-44124-00 - Gasket, Side Cylinder Head (No Unloader) X1
17-44126-00 - Gasket, Side Cylinder Head (Hot Gas Bypass Unloader) X1
17-44713-00 - Gasket, Seal Plate (Shaft) X1
17-55002-00 - Gasket, Valve Plate X2
17-44712-00 - O-Ring X1
17-44024-00 - Gasket, Front Cover 4 Cylinder X1

For individual gaskets please check ALTERNATIVES products.

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