TK Replacement

Our Re-manufactured compressors are built using new parts according to the requirements of the OEM specifications. Prior to dispatch and subsequent installation, all of our re-manufactured compressors undergo a rigorous testing procedure to ensure optimum quality that our customers can depend upon.

  • Replacement of individual parts - all bearings, piston rings, gaskets and valve reeds are discarded, as well as any components that do not pass our inspections

  • Cleaning of remaining metal parts - removing all oxides, corrosion, lubricants etc.

  • Refurbishment of remaining metal parts - including cylinder honing, liner replacement, precision surface grinding of valve seats, bearing pressing, crankshaft grinding etc.

  • Assembly - adherence to OEM tolerances and factory specifications

  • Test run on a test bench

  • Re-gas

  • Repainting

Description Price Quantity
X430-LG-COMPRESSOR (11) X430 LG DEEP SUMP COMPRESSOR (R404A/R452A) MPN1708 Please Login
R404AR452A-COMPRESSOR (1) X430 STD COMPRESSOR (R404A/R452A) MPN0112 Please Login
X430-COMPRESSOR (24) S/EX X430 COMPRESSOR - BUS / COACH SPEC R134A (MRD-8102917) MPN1712 Please Login
X426-STD-COMPRESSOR (5) X426 STD COMPRESSOR (R404A/R452A) MPN0114 Please Login
myriad_093 S/EX X426 LG Shaft (R404A/R452A) COMPRESSOR MPN0120 Please Login
X214-R404AR452ACOMPRESSOR (8) S/EX X214 (R404A/R452A) COMPRESSOR (DEEP SUMP) MPN0117 Please Login
X214-COMPRESSOR (19) X214 COMPRESSOR (R404A/R452A) MPN0118 Please Login
S/EX RE-MAN COMPRESSOR (MRD-102-0832) MPN1707 Please Login

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