CARRIER Replacement

Description Price Quantity
MODULE-12-00673-52 (2) S/EX RE-MAN MODULE, STEPPER (MRD-12-00673-52) MPN1235 Please Login
XARIOS-12-00716-01 (3) S/EX MICRO.P RE-MAN + CABLE (MRD-12-00526-XX) MPN0514A Please Login
MICRO-12-00716-XX (3) S/EX RE-MAN MICRO.P + CABLE (MRD-12-00716-XX) MPN0514B Please Login
BOARD-91-60226-05 (3) S/EX RE-MAN L. BOARD MT XARIOS (MRD-91-60226-05) PAIR+CABLE MPN2638A Please Login
S/EX RE-MAN L.BOARD MT XARIOS (MRD-91-60338-02)PAIR+ C- N/S* MPN2638B Please Login
RE-MAN-LOGIC-BOARD-12-00511-21 (2) S/EX RE-MAN LOGIC BOARD (MRD-12-00511-21) MPN1208 Please Login
BOARD-VIENTO-91-60283-55-m S/EX RE-MAN BOARD ALL OPTIONS (MRD-91-60283-55) MPN1222 Please Login
LOGIC-BOARD-CARRIER-NEOS-12-00511-11 (1) S/EX RE-MAN LOGIC BOARD NEOS (MRD-12-00511-11 / -12) MPN1213 Please Login
MICRO-P-XARIOS-150-12-00511-53 (2) S/EX RE-MAN MICRO-P (MRD-12-00511-53) MPN2693A Please Login
MICRO-P-12-00649-35 (1) S/EX MICRO-P RE-MAN MAXIMA/SUPRA (MRD-12-00649-35) MPN2646A Please Login
CARRIER-SUPRA-MICRO-12-00382-15-M-12-00648-18 (1) S/EX RE-MAN MICRO, SUPRA ST (MRD-12-00382-15 / 12-00648-18) MPN1204A Please Login
PLUG-PIN-KIT-XARIOS-22-60536-00-SK-SK2 (1) PLUG + PIN KIT XARIOS (MRD-22-60536-00 SK /SK2) MPN0526 Please Login
micro-p-board-carrier-vector-12-00438 (1) S/EX RE-MAN MICRO-P (MRD-12-56438-18) VECTOR MPN1202A Please Login
BOARD-12-00650-05 (1) S/EX RE-MAN MICRO BOARD SUPRA MT (MRD-12-00650-05) MPN0515A Please Login
BOARD-VIENTO-91-60283-06-MRD-12-005113-32 S/EX RE-MAN L. BOARD (MRD-91-60283-06, MRD-12-00511-32 /-52) MPN1621A Please Login
BOARD-12-00667-04 (7) S/EX RE-MAN LOGIC BOARD PULSOR + BRACKET (MRD-12-00667-04) MPN0516 Please Login
S/EX RE-MAN ECU - ENGINE SPEED CTRL. (MRD-12-00702-02) S/EX RE-MAN ECU - ENGINE SPEED CTRL. (MRD-12-00702-02) MPN3088 Please Login

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