TK Replacement

Description Price Quantity
OIL-PRESSURE-SWITCH-41-6865-41-0387 (3) OIL PRESSURE SWITCH (MRD-41-6865) MPN1048 Please Login
SWITCH-HPCO-41-3669 SWITCH HPCO (MRD-41-3669) (375 psi, 1/8 NPT) MPN1259 Please Login
OIL-PRESSURE-SWITCH-41-7064 (1) OIL PRESSURE SWITCH (MRD-41-7064) MPN1047 Please Login
OIL-PRESSURE-SENSOR-44-8883 (3) OIL PRESSURE SENSOR (MRD-44-8883) MPN1068 Please Login
SWITCH-42-0708 (1) SWITCH HPCO (MRD-42-0708) (375 psi, 7/16-20 thread) MPN1261 Please Login
TRANSDUCER-42-1306 (1) TRANSDUCER (MRD-42-1306, MRD-41-7956) MPN2645 Please Login
SWITCH-41-3847 (1) SWITCH HPCO (MRD-41-3847) MPN3479 Please Login
HP-CUT-OUT-SWITCH-44-7992 (1) H.P CUT OUT SWITCH (MRD-44-7992) MPN1053 Please Login
HPCO-SWITCH-41-4523 SWITCH HPCO (MRD-41-4523) (375 psi, 1/8 NPT) MPN2608 Please Login
SWITCH-OP-41-7063 (1) SWITCH O/P (MRD-41-7063) MPN1258 Please Login
LP-SWITCH-44-8030 (1) L.P SWITCH (MRD-44-8030) MPN1064 Please Login
SWITCH-41-3845 (1) SWITCH HPCO (MRD-41-3845) MPN3478 Please Login
SWITCH-44-8064 (1) H.P SWITCH (MRD-44-8064) MPN1067 Please Login
TRANSDUCER-42-2284 (1) TRANSDUCER, SUCTION, SLX (MRD-42-2284) MPN2499 Please Login
TRANSDUCER-42-1312 (1) TRANSDUCER, DISCHARGE (MRD-42-1312) MPN2498 Please Login

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