CARRIER Replacement

Description Price Quantity
KITREPAIR-14-00360-10 (7) KIT REPAIR MHV (MRD-14-00360-10) MPN2680 Please Login
VALVE-CSMV-14-00263-10 (1) VALVE CSMV (MRD-14-00263-10) MPN2644 Please Login
VALVE-14-00263-20) (1) VALVE, PISTON - CSMV (MRD-14-00263-20) MPN2659 Please Login
GASKET-MRD-16-60001-01 GASKET KIT-VALVE (MRD-16-60001-01) MPN3435 Please Login
VALV-14-00372-00 (1) EXPANSION VALVE (MRD-14-00372-00) MPN3488 Please Login
VALVE-14-60061-01 (12) EXPANSION VALVE (MRD-14-60061-01) MPN0648 Please Login
VALVE-14-60039-00 (1) EXPANSION VALVE (MRD-14-60039-00) MPN0620 Please Login
VALVE-14-60039-02 (6) EXPANSION VALVE (MRD-14-60039-02, MRD-14-60039-104) MPN2597 Please Login
REPAIR-KIT-16-60001-00 (2) REPAIR KIT (MRD-16-60001-00) MPN2661 Please Login
VALVE-HGV1-14-60062-02 (1) VALVE HGV1 (MRD-14-60062-02) MPN3428 Please Login
VALVE-VIENTO-NEOS-14-00332-02 (1) VALVE (MRD-14-00332-02) MPN3480 Please Login
VALVE-R-KIT-14-00332-10 (1) VALVE REPAIR KIT (MRD-14-00332-10) MPN3481 Please Login
VALVE-14-00329-06 (1) VALVE L. INJECTION (MRD-14-00329-06) MPN3483 Please Login
VALVE-14-00272-01 (1) RELIEF VALVE (MRD-14-00272-01) MPN2614 Please Login
VALVE-14-00352-00 (1) THREE WAY VALVE (MRD-14-00352-00) MPN0613 Please Login
QUENCH-VALVE-14-00190-03 QUENCH VALVE (MRD-14-00190-03) MPN0619 Please Login
VALVE-14-00205-01 (1) CPR. VALVE (MRD-14-00205-01) MPN0623 Please Login
VALVE-14-00337-02 (1) 3 WAY VALVE (MRD-14-00337-02) MPN0624 Please Login
GASKET-42-60013-00 GASKET KIT, 3 WAY VALVE (MRD-42-60013-00) MPN1108 Please Login
REPAIR-KIT-14-00352-20 (1) REPAIR KIT (MRD-14-00352-20) MPN2650 Please Login

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