TK Replacement

Description Price Quantity
VALVE-SOLENOID-MRD-66-8560 (1) VALVE, SOLENOID- PILOT (MRD-66-8560) MPN1132 Please Login
VALVE-SOLENOID-PILOT-12V-66-7636 VALVE, SOLENOID - PILOT 12V (MRD-66-7636) MPN0650 Please Login
VALVE-KIT-60-0298 (6) THROTTLE VALVE REPAIR KIT (MRD-60-0298) MPN1106 Please Login
VALVE-61-4527 (1) VALVE PRESSURE REGULATOR (MRD-61-4527) MPN2501 Please Login
H-GAS-SOLENOID-61-3401 (1) HOT GAS SOLENOID (1/2-1/2) (MRD-61-3401) MPN3455 Please Login
SOLENOID-61-2156 (1) HOT GAS SOLENOID (3/8-1/2) (MRD-61-2156) MPN3467 Please Login
VALVE-66-9311-R134A (1) VALVE EXPANSION (MRD-66-9311) R134A MPN3429 Please Login
VALVE-EXPANSION-66-9314 (1) VALVE EXPANSION (MRD-66-9314) R404 MPN3459 Please Login
VALV-61-4253 (10) ETV THROTTLING VALVE SLX, SLXe, SLXi (MRD-61-4253, 61-7723) MPN3484 Please Login
ETV-SLX-SLXe-40-0997 (1) ETV, THROTTLING VALVE REPAIR KIT, SLX, SLXe, SLXi (MRD-40-0997) MPN3482 Please Login
VALVE-40-1472 (12) ETV THROTTLING VALVE SLX, SLXe, SLXi (MRD-40-1472) MPN3489 Please Login
EXPANSION-VALVE-66-7528 (1) EXPANSION VALVE (MRD-66-7528) MPN0628 Please Login
REPAIR-KIT-60-0300 (1) REPAIR KIT THREE WAY VALVE (MRD-60-0300) MPN2621 Please Login
RECEIVER TANK (MRD-69NT42-924-10) MPN5000 Please Login
VALVE-61-6618 VALVE CONDENSING INLET, T-RANGE (MRD-61-6618) MPN3553 Please Login
VALVE-61-6750 (1) VALVE CONDENSING INLET, T-RANGE (MRD-61-6750) NO COIL MPN3554 Please Login
SOLENOID-66-6384 VALVE SOLENOID 3/8", TK T / UT -RANGE (MRD-66-6384) MPN3555 Please Login
REPAIR-KIT-60-0294 (1) REPAIR KIT VALVE (MRD-60-0294) MPN3556 Please Login
VALVE-61-7049 (5) VALVE EXPANSION (MRD-61-7049, MRD-61-9158) MPN3557 Please Login

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